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  • Products
    • Smart a la Carte v1.08b - Monthly License

      An all-organic monthly license to our eye-popping interactive menu script served over a pan-seared PayPal subscription. Sizzling-hot with email support and 2 complimentary minor updates to your Smart a la Carte menu on the house.

    • Smart a la Carte v1.08b - Setup Package

      This hearty setup combo includes a home-made installation of Smart a la Carte on your server, a fresh integration into your already existing website pages, a custom-tailored theme design to go with your website, your delicious menu items entered into the database and two tender QR window decals on the side

    • Smart a la Carte - Additional Window Decals

      Can't get those amazing window decals out of your mind? Neither can we. If your restaurant has got four entrances, load up and add another pair.